Meet the Chief Duck.

“Like many of my clients, I’m a busy working wife and mother of three daughters. This career chose me one day as I helped my parents downsize from their family home to a condo. While purging, organizing and packing, along with managing all the emotions that bubbled up during the process, I suddenly realized, ‘This is my calling.’

So it became my mission: to make moving experiences seamless rather than time-consuming and stressful.

We’re here to help you smoothly navigate one of your most significant life changes – moving into a new home. For most of us, this involves complex emotions ranging from anxiety about the change to fear of the unknown. Not to mention the grief that comes from leaving behind so many memories while packing what we can of them into boxes.

Whatever you’re facing… we’ve been there and can help. Every day, my team and I plan, execute and fulfill flawless moves, downsizings, purgings and pre-stagings, for all sorts of customers.

Let us lift the load off your shoulders so that you can feel lighter, breathe easier, and regain a sense of control over your life—all without any judgement.”

- Nancy Duckman
Chief Executive Duck
Ducks in a row T.O. Inc.

How we get your ducks in a row...

Throughout your move, we act as both your declutter consultant and your bossy, loving friend. We’re here to help you make the hard decisions, answer your urgent messages, give you guidance, get rid of your junk, manage all your stuff, and get any job done quickly. We’re in this for you, organizing everything around your needs, your family and the way you live, sourcing the talent and supplies that cater to your lifestyle.

When all is said and done, we’ll leave you with a sense of relief. Ensconced in your new happy space, everything will be in order and it’ll just feel right.

Your packing, moving
and organizing team.

Kate McColeman

As someone who has made hard and emotional decisions, I can understand and support you in the process of letting go.
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Heloisa Braga

My organizing journey started back in Brazil, when I was helping my mom and sister organize their homes.
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Sandy Armeland

I love meeting new people and helping in whatever way I can to make their lives better.
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Why Hire Us?

Since 2017, we have coordinated dozens of moves, all in turnkey fashion.
Move Quickly, Save Time
Make Hard Decisions Easier
No More Thinking, or Micromanaging
Maximize Your Space

Our Process.

Free Phone Consultation
House Visit, Timeline & Quotation
Declutter, Store & Pack
Coordinate The Move
Unpack & Move-in
Your mess is our success
Professional Organizing and Move Management in the Greater Toronto Area.


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