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Sandy Armeland

Professional Organizer & Packer
Organizing, decluttering, packing, and unpacking … this has been my life ever since I was 8 years old, working in my family’s clothing business. I had my hands on all aspects of the business. I was particularly drawn to merchandising clothing — presenting them in a way that reflected creativity, beauty, and order. I also loved helping dress customers. My greatest thrill was making them feel good about themselves and how they looked. Two years ago I decided to leave the retail world and use my talent to make the spaces people live in look beautiful, organized, and presentable. I love meeting new people and helping in whatever way I can to make their lives better — bringing order, support, sensitivity and trust to them with all their household needs.
Your mess is our success
Professional Organizing and Move Management in the Greater Toronto Area.


Pre-Listing Preparation
Move Management
Home Organizing
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