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Heloisa Braga

Professional Organizer & Packer
I come from a big farm family, southeast of Brazil. Throughout my entire life, I’ve understood the value in a well-ordered environment. My organizing journey started back in Brazil, when I was helping my mom and sister organize their homes. I thought to myself: ‘What if I took my love for organizing and turn it into a career?’ I had finally found my passion and decided to pursue it when I came to Canada in 2002. Today I am a trained Professional Organizer and have been a member of the Association of Professional Organizers in Canada since 2014. Ever since my career change (which was one of the best decisions I’ve made), I have worked on countless organizing, packing and moving projects. My quiet, simple, and efficient approach is what allows me to make my clients' lives easier. It is always gratifying to see their satisfaction and relief at the end of each project.
Your mess is our success
Professional Organizing and Move Management in the Greater Toronto Area.


Pre-Listing Preparation
Move Management
Home Organizing
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