Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How do you wrap things?
Can you help me sell the things I want to get rid of?
What do you suggest I do with everything?
How long will the job take?
How does it all work?
How do you price your services?
What happens to the stuff that I no longer need?
How do you pack my fine art, sculptures, china, crystal, etc.?
Are you insured for damage?
Why should I pay you to do something that I can take care of myself?
Can you purge and pack at the same time?
What about short or long term storage?
Do I have to be home while your team is working in my home?
Can you arrange movers?
What if I need junk removal?
How many people work with you?
Do you wear a mask?
Do you get the boxes for me?
What are your services?
What geographical areas do you service?
What is the difference between hiring an organizer versus the moving company to help me pack?
Can you help with hoarders?
How do you know where everything goes?
Your mess is our success
Professional Organizing and Move Management in the Greater Toronto Area.


Pre-Listing Preparation
Move Management
Home Organizing
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